2012 by Lindsay Jarvis


2012 consists of twelve works, twelve artists and twelve 

exhibitions. In each month of 2012 an artist will be invited 

to present one new work at The Mews Project Space, London. 

In showing twelve works individually through out a year the 
project will take the form of a group exhibition that slowly 
metamorphoses over time. Simultaneously, each installment
also represents a one-work exhibition and an insistence on an
encounter with an individual artwork. In our age of chronic 
information overload, which manifests itself in the art world
through biennials, large-scale museum exhibitions and art fairs, 
the need to pause and consider an individual artwork in greater 
depth is a timely proposition.

The beginning of 2012 represents the initiation of a thought
process rather than a result of one, with decisions being made 
as and when it is needed. 2012 is an artwork-centered project 
that has no predetermined theme and participating artists will 
be confirmed as the year unfolds. The project is in part a 
response to curating becoming an increasingly discursive 
discipline in which greater emphasis is placed on themes rather
exhibition to discover what it might be about and celebrates
than artworks. 2012 adheres to the principle of making an 
intuition through structures that evolve over time.

  Curated by Lindsay Jarvis  

2012 / December / Peles Empire

RE:PELES 1, 2012
A3 Colour copies, ceramic, bin bag, duck tape.
Dimensions variable

2012 / November / Josh Kolbo

2012 / October / Harm van den Dorpel

2012 / September / Marte Eknæs

2012 / August / Magali Reus


2012 / July /Juliette Bonneviot 

2012 / June / Ian Law

2012 / May / Christopher Kulendran Thomas

2012 / April / Tomas Downes

2012 / March / Tomoaki Suzuki

2012 / February / David Ben White

2012 / January / Alex Lawler