Pantone 705 C
Marita Fraser, Axel Koschier, Alex Lawler, Lillian O'Neil, Florian & Michael Quistrebert

Pantone 705 C This exhibition uses Pantone colour 705 C as a device to physically bind the artworks in this exhibition together and to create a broader metaphor for a type of artistic production whose qualities derive from an interest in structure or systems. Pantone 705 C focuses on abstract art making and the construction of visual and spatial notions of form and space. The show is an exercise in exploring the immersive and sensual qualities of colour guided by the mechanics of Pantone’s colour-library.

Lillian O'Neil
'Storm', 2013 

Collage on foamcore
635mm x 345mm
Courtesy the artist and The Commercial, Sydney

About the artists:

In this exhibition Marita Fraser presents an assemblage of collages and paintings examining the tension between abstraction and representation that sit within their own suspended sculptural field. Using freestanding screen-like supports, the two dimensional works ask to be considered within a sculptural context. Marita is an Australian artist living and working in London. She completed her studies in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna in 2010, studying under professor Heimo Zobernig. Recent exhibitions include, Marita Fraser, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna and Something New, Josh Lilley Gallery, London. Marita Fraser is represented by Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna and James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney.

The work of Axel Koschier investigates the visual and experiential qualities of systems, language and material. His recent projects include “li fof ifo” (“last in first out” / “first in first out”) at Kerstin Engholm Gallery, in which Koschier complied an archive of all the material that accumulated in his studio over a 5 year period. Arranged in a series of 4- meter long shelves, the qualities of objects and artworks both finished and unfinished merged into one all-encompassing composition. This continuity of objecthood revealed only a series of inter-relational dialogues and disintegrated any articulation of hierarchy or static notion of ‘art object’. For this project he will develop further this language of individual works being painting sculpture and drawing, encompassed somehow into some kind of greater whole. Axel is an Austrian artist, living and working in Vienna. Axel is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Art Vienna, 2011 and was a recent recipient of The Austrian Cultural Department’s stipend and studio residency to Tokyo. Recent exhibitions include Nuit black, Galerie Les Singuliers, Paris, and Sedimente, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna.

Alex Lawler will contribute works that integrate disparate elements including found materials, ready-made and artist-made surfaces and prop-like objects to orchestrate situational exchanges between art and non-art. Lawler’s concerns include investigations into the speculative, functional, sensual and didactic possibilities of painting. His practice examines the formal and aesthetic qualities of post minimalism through the lens of sensation, memory and the unconscious. Alex Lawler is a British / Australian artist and recently graduated with a MFA from Goldsmiths London. Recent exhibitions include the solo exhibition City Lights, Das Städtische Museum Engen + Galerie, Germany.

The works of Lillian O'Neil use analogue collage techniques to create expansive abstractions of the recorded world. Through the use of colour, pattern and repetition, representational images are transformed and transfigured into new views onto reconstructed worlds. Her works can be seen as re-enactments of the psychological experience of time and vision. In this exhibition her collage work will be posited into the framing systems constructed in the space to realise new ways of viewing representational space. Lillian O’Neil is an Australian artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Recent exhibitions include the solo exhibition, Total Romance, at The Commercial, Sydney and Love Bomb at MOP, Sydney. Lillian O’Neil is represented by The Commercial, Sydney.

The work of Florian & Michael Quistrebert’s is often cited as related to mystical or occult symbolism as well as to design, architecture and modernism. What permeates through the experience of their visual language is a desire to find essential criteria in the legacy of modernism’s drive to progress and mechanisation. This sits alongside a treatment of materiality that is insistent on dematerialisation and devolution – a subversion of the archetype of the modernist façade. The Quistreberts recently completed a residency at the Rilksakademie, Amsterdam and recent exhibitions include the solo exhibitions Laure & Jane Dumond, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris, and Amnesic Cisenma, Dolores - Ellen de Bruijn Projects, Amsterdam. Florian & Michael Quistrebert are represented by Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris. 

Images of the show 

General view of Room 1

Alex Lawler

Celestial Navigation (...and the persistence of memory), 2013 
photographic print on chiffon, perspex

Celestial Navigation (...and the persistence of memory), 2013 
photographic print on chiffon, perspex
Axel Koschier 

Lilian O'Neil

Storm, 2013
Collage on foamcore
635mm x 345mm

Pool side thunder, 2013
collage on foamcore
70 x 70cm
 Marita Fraser

O.T. 2013

O.T installation view 

Florian & Michael Quistrebert (Room 2)
Untitled (tartans), 2010
video, 1'54 looped